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Plasma Treatment for Skin and Hair


Are you looking for a natural safe method to promote healthy skin and hair?


Looking to combat fine lines, wrinkles, creases, scars, pigmented spots, under eye hollows and dark circles while helping to tighten and tone skin?


Do you suffer from hair loss and wish to regrow your natural hair?

Plasma treatment is concentrated blood plasma rich in platelets and contain 3-5 times more platelet count than the average circulating blood. Concentrated platelets are known for its significance in containing essential growth factors far richer than usual. These growth factors can be utilized with many benefits to be gained such as: stimulating collagen and elastin, new skin cell formation, hair regrowth and restoration, and aiding in healing.

Plasma is gathered by drawing blood from the patient where the platelets are then separated by centrifugation. Once this process takes place the plasma consisting of concentrated platelets will be presented in it's "liquid GOLD" stage, this is then injected or applied topically to areas of concern.

Plasma treatments have quickly become the latest in skin rejuvenation procedures also known as the Vampire Facelift. It is a safe FDA approved treatment that provides results lasting up to 2 years. It’s natural capacity to help diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, creases, dark spots, under eye hollows, dark circles and discolorations while helping to firm and tone skin has made this the ultimate skin rejuvenation treatment!

Beyond skin rejuvenation benefits, plasma is now extremely popular in its’ use for hair regrowth and restoration. The growth factors injected into the vascular layer of the scalp act on stem cells in the area of the follicles, promoting new follicular development and allowing for hair density and regrowth to take place without the expensive costs, downtime, and side effects associated with surgical and prescription options.

Combining plasma with other skin treatments such as microneedling allows for maximized results by providing more accuracy, absorption, penetration, circulation, and induction.

Ask us how plasma treatments can work for you!

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